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woman testimonial icon Jennifer K. | Dallas, TX

Thanks to RevYourMind.com, I saved $5000 on the purchase of my new vehicle. I hate going to dealerships because I don't understand the process for the life of me! RevYourMind made it so easy. I simply chose the package option I was comfortable with, gave them the information on the car I was looking for and they did the rest! They located the vehicle and negotiated the deal on my behalf. I just went into the dealership to sign and pick up my new ride! I'm much happier in my new car and I feel that they really cared to get me the best deal possible. 



woman testimonial iconBelen C. | Prosper, TX

RevYourMind helped me tremendously in the purchase of 3 vehicles over the past 7 years. I completely trust them to help me in my auto buying experience, that's why I keep coming back to them! As a woman, I feel completely taken advantage of at dealerships. I feel pressured to purchase more than what I need and I get anxious just thinking about the whole process. I've always been able to get the car exactly how I want it with the packages that I need. They negotiate the best deal for me and I only have to step foot in the dealership to sign and drive my new car home! I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for convenience and high-quality customer service.

man testimonial iconPJ S. | Allen, TX

I absolutely hate the whole car buying process. I always feel like the salesman is trying to rip me off. So, I absolutely dread the dealership process and it takes entirely too long! My friend recommended me to RevYourMind.com when they helped her negotiate her new car. She was very impressed by the high-level, white-glove customer service experience. They handled everything from helping me decide if leasing or buying was best for my situation, located the car exactly how I wanted it and negotiated the deal on my behalf. They got me $6000 off and even got me dealer incentives!

woman testimonial iconCassandra V. | Fort Worth, TX

I was referred to RevYourMind.com by a colleague who had used their services in the past. I HATE the dealership experience and was in the market to purchase a car for my teenage son. I was impressed by the level of detail that they went into and the advice that they gave regarding insurance costs, teenage boy drivers and the type of car. I had no idea that insurance is much higher for boys, especially if the car is a sports car! Thanks to RevYourMind, my son got 1 year old vehicle with low miles and in great condition. Even better for me, insurance wasn't that expensive because of the great advice I got! It was a win win situation for both me and my son!

man testimonial iconMartin S. | Allen, TX

Spanish is my first language and sometimes I find it hard to understand what I'm signing. Since RevYourMind offers services in Spanish, I was able to understand the entire process from start to finish. They took the time to go over each decision and helped me make the right decision for my needs. With their help, I got a brand new car for $8,000 less than the asking price. Since I'm newly retired, saving money is very important for me and my wife. Thanks to them, I have the confidence that I have a quality vehicle for the best price possible.


man testimonial iconRoopali J. | Allen, TX

I was in the market for a new mini-van for my growing family and RevYourMind made it happen. I received the free consultation and decided to go with the Elite package because I didn't want to deal with the dealership haggling me for the price. They got me $5500 off the asking price and had the dealership throw in a few free goodies too! I would definitely recommend this service to anyone in the market for a new vehicle. I saved way more money with their help than I would've on my own. Thanks RevYourMind!