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10 Sep Good Deal Gone Bad

A lot of clients have inquired about the sweet leasing offers that immediately catch your eye- 2013 Mercedes C-Class Sedan Sport for only $349/month! and many others alike. Because RevYourMind was founded around helping people like you, let’s take a closer look at this type of deal before you go running out the door to your local dealership. Mercedes Lease
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03 Oct Buying vs. Leasing: Casual Fun or ‘Til Death Do You Part?

You are in the market for a vehicle but face a tough decision: Should you purchase or lease? You are not alone; millions of Americans ask themselves the same question every year.  In order to put things into perspective, here is an interesting way of looking at it: Would you rather have fun 2-4 years and see how things turn out (i.e. Lease)? Or would you much rather jump right into a 5+year long commitment with a complete stranger (i.e. Purchase)?
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19 Sep The 21st Century Guide to Buying a New Car: 10 Things You Must Do Before Stepping Foot in a Dealership

Don’t you love driving into a dealership to look at a car only to be greeted by a salesman who won’t leave your side? Later they invite you to come in and provide some “quick info,” followed by spending what seems like an eternity listening to his sales pitch? Fun right? NOT!
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