Salt & Pepper: McLaren’s Take on Super Models

25 Mar Salt & Pepper: McLaren’s Take on Super Models

Imagine meeting a world-renowned super model. She is beautiful, exotic, and sophisticated. She is every man’s dream. Better yet, she’d be willing go topless for you in under 20 seconds!

Starting at $268,250.00, the 2013 McLaren 12C Spider is powered by a 616 HP twin-turbo charged V8 engine, and will hide all evidence of foreplay by folding its top, splitting it into two pieces, and tucking it under a hidden compartment behind the cabin in under 17 seconds-Shhh…don’t tell the wife!

The 12C Spider is by no means an ordinary convertible. Having seen it in person for the first time at the 2013 Dallas Auto Show, I must say photographs don’t do this super-car any justice. In person a variety of subtle creases and muscular lines are apparent but easily missed in photographs. If you haven’t checked out the 12C Spider in person, I recommend visiting a nearby dealership for some serious eye-candy.

Regardless of whether you’re just into looks or believe it’s the inside that counts, the McLaren 12C Spider will never cease to amaze and provide you with the best on both counts. How about 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds ? or a 10.8 sec 1/4 mile @134 mph for you track junkies? Perhaps you are more of the cruising at a 204 mph top-speed with the top-down type of guy? All without compromise thanks to the 12C’s Carbon Fiber Mono-Cell construction, which provides much higher levels of strength and rigidity. Even without additional reinforcement, the Spider model is made to handle as well as its coupe counterpart without sacrificing performance. It’s no wonder McLaren refers to its 12C Spider as a “top down experience with track-car performance.”

Whether it be driving down the winding roads in sunny California or cruising along the sandy-white beaches of Miami Beach, I wouldn’t give these topless beauties anything below a HUGE thumbs-up from me.

McLaren MP412 Twins

McLaren MP412 White

McLaren MP412 Side

McLaren MP412 Twins Rear




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