Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. RevYourMind Auto Buying Services is a buyer's agent. We do not accept commissions, fees, kickbacks or any other form of payment from new car dealers or manufacturers. We represent you and only you.

2. RevYourMind Auto Buying Services requires customers to pay for services up front in order to start the process.

3. RevYourMind Auto Buying Services will never sell, give, share, or disclose any of your specific personal information except as required to complete a credit card transaction, because keeping information safe is important to us, payments will be securely processed by Intuit Merchant Services.

4. RevYourMind Auto Buying Services will advise you at every step but the final decision, and therefore responsibility, rests with you whether not you lease or purchase the vehicle. The fees incurred are for the services of finding you the best possible price for the vehicle you are looking for. If you decide not to lease or purchase the vehicle after completing our process, your payment will not be refunded due to the time and effort spent doing our research. 

5. RevYourMind Auto Buying Services is not responsible for any service issues pertaining to the leased or purchased vehicle. That is solely the dealer's responsiblity.


6. RevYourMind Auto Buying Services is not obligated to research more than five different dealers to haggle for the best price for a vehicle.